Dive training courses

Want to learn more about diving?
It’s always good for divers to continue to develop their knowledge and skills. With C-Divers, you have access to various officially-recognised courses including the following:

Nitrox Diving
Diving on Nitrox has become increasingly popular for the benefits it brings to divers from increasing Bottom Times to reducing a diver’s exposure to nitrogen absorption.

Our one-day SAA Basic Nitrox Course covers the theory, practice and precautions you need to know to make the most of this gas. Your Nitrox Qualification Card will authorise you to purchase nitrox fills with up to 40% oxygen content.

See our Diving with Nitrox section for more information.

Oxygen Administration
This comprehensive SAA O2 Course is one that all divers should make a point of attending. It is known that the prompt administration of oxygen to a diver suffering from any form of Decompression Illness makes a significant difference towards a favourable outcome. To discover just how important it is, join us on a course.

Diver Rescue
Our two-day SAA Diver Rescue Course will give you the confidence to tackle various diver assistance situations. Learning the theory is good, but being able to put it into practice is better still. On this course, using realistic scenarios, you get plenty opportunity to do just that.

Upon completion of our Diver Rescue Course, you’ll know that you’ve achieved something invaluable.

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