Central Scotland Dive Club

Dive Site OS Grid Reference and Latitude Longitude Finder

3 ways to use the C-Divers Location Finder...

1: Click and drag the marker to your chosen location and zoom-in for greater accuracy.
OS grid references, latitude and longitude will be displayed on the right.
The 6-figure grid is 100 metres square; the 8-figure grid is 10 metres square.

2: If you already know the grid reference, key it in and click Find to locate it on the map.

3: Scroll/Zoom to anywhere on the map, then click Centre the Marker.
OS grid references are UK-only, but you can get latitude and longitude worldwide.

Popular Dive Sites

Loch Long: Finnart Ocean Terminal (The A-Frames)
Loch Fyne: St. Catherines
Loch Fyne: Anchor Point (Creagan Dubh)
Loch Fyne: Furnace Quarry
Loch Fyne: Dogfish Reef
Loch Fyne: Furnace Tea Rooms