Central Scotland Dive Club

Have you always wanted to learn how to scuba dive?

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Are you a member of another club, or an independent diver?

You can still take advantage of many of our Dive Trips and Training Courses, when places are available.

Click here to email the Club for more information.

Have you been inspired by scuba divers and their adventures on TV, did you try it on holiday, or have you just got the urge to do something a bit different?

No matter what your motivation is, once you finally decide to do something about it, you'll quickly find that learning to dive with C-Divers can transform your life by opening up a whole new world of adventure and discovery – and you'll meet a nice bunch of people too!

We believe the underwater world is the closest you'll ever get to paradise on earth – and we'd love to share it with you.

Central Scotland Dive Club is a member of the SAA (Sub-Aqua Association) and our comprehensive training programme is SAA Approved.

Your introduction to C-Divers and scuba diving will start with a short, informative talk. Then, before your pool training (remember to bring your swimwear), you will fill-in a self-assessment health form, followed by the opportunity to get wet in the pool, where you'll undergo a simple swimming assessment. Don't worry, you don't need to be an olympic athlete, just comfortable and confident in the water and able to perform some straightforward tasks. We've never known anyone to fail yet.

Week-by-week, you will progress at your own pace, learning a little theory and afterwards developing your in-water skills, steadily building on what you've achieved before. Your pool training will include learning to swim with a mask, snorkel and fins, before progressing on to using scuba equipment.

You will probably find you've never had such fun when learning something new, and the feeling of achievement so exhilarating.

Can't wait to get started? What now?

Take your time to wander through this website, there's a lot to see and learn, but don't feel overwhelmed by any of the technical stuff, at C-Divers the emphasis is on having fun and being safe, and you'll soon pick-up what's important for whatever stage you're at, besides you'll have a club full of new friends to help you, as well as qualified instructors – both male and female.

Next, if you're eighteen or over, get in touch with us either by our Online Enquiry Form or by Email.