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Are you a member of another club, or an independent diver?

You can still take advantage of many of our Dive Trips and Training Courses, when places are available.

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The best way to learn about scuba diving, and share the experience, is by joining a dive club

It's an important decision and you should choose your club carefully. Of the many things to consider, they include:

Is it convenient to get to?
Does the club seem active and well run?
How regular are meetings and training sessions?
Is there a busy dive calendar for all grades of diver?
What does it cost to be a member?
Do they seem a nice bunch of people?

C-Divers is a club you'll be happy to be a member of

We welcome divers of all grades, from beginner to advanced technical diver, and our training programme is active and comprehensive.

What are the benefits of becoming a dive club member?

When you join C-Divers you will also become a member of the SAA, the Sub-Aqua Association, and your membership pack will include: the SAA "Let's Dive" Club Diver Manual; the SAA "Student Diver Toolbox" – a book containing all Course Notes from Elementary Diver to Dive Marshall, and more; the SAA Bühlmann System Decompression Handbook and Dive Tables; and a smart SAA Log Book to record all your dives and qualifications.

Value for money

The cost of C-Divers membership is just £12 per month, together with a one-off joining fee. Training and lecture sessions are free, as are SAA Diver Qualifications including Elementary Diver; Open Water Diver; and Club Diver. This represents incredible value for money for such a comprehensive diver training package.


Of course dive safety is a serious business, and with C-Divers you will find that safety is never compromised. But diving should be great fun too and you will also be amongst friends of all diving grades, who will be happy to share their knowledge and experience to enable you to become the diver you'd like to be.


Being a member of a good dive club is important. Of all the different sports you could be involved in, where else would you entrust your safety to a fellow club member – and theirs with you. At C-Divers we train to look after each other, and that makes being a club member rather special too.

Contact us now and let your scuba diving adventure begin!