Central Scotland Dive Club

East Kilbride Sub-Aqua Club has evolved...

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Are you a member of another club, or an independent diver?

You can still take advantage of many of our Dive Trips and Training Courses, when places are available.

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That's right, East Kilbride Sub-Aqua Club has now become Central Scotland Dive Club

Central Scotland Dive Club is one of the country's most active and friendly diving clubs, and we welcome divers of all abilities and experience, from complete beginner to technical diver.

We attract members from all over Central Scotland and we dive most weekends – all year round. Did you know that Scotland has one of the best diving environments in the world – and we like to make the most of it!

Dive Lectures and Pool Training

From October to the end of March, our Dive Lectures and Pool Training sessions take place on Wednesdays from 7:00 pm at the Dollan Aqua Centre.

Open Water Diving

In addition, C-Divers have an active Dive Calendar most weekends, with shore or boat, wreck or scenic diving on the west and east coasts of Scotland. Also, each year we usually venture abroad once or twice.

Our diving is all about enjoyment and safety too, and C-Divers is an independent member of the UK Sub-Aqua Association, which provides certified diving courses and insurance.

We welcome divers with qualifications from any agency including BSAC*, ScotSAC*, PADI*, NAUI*, SSI* and CMAS*. We are fortunate to have a good pool for our training, and because of our facilities and experience, members come from far and wide. You’ll make friends from every walk of life and now over a quarter of our members are female – including three of our instructors.

Join C-Divers today!

All our diver training courses are fully-recognised SAA*, CMAS*, PADI* and EFR* international courses. We have six full Open Water Instructors and four Club Instructors, so you won’t be short of help and advice.
C-Divers courses are tailored to YOUR needs, with safety and experience paramount.

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*Diving Organisations
SAA: Sub-Aqua Association
CMAS: Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques
PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors
EFR: Emergency First Response
BSAC: British Sub-Aqua Club
ScotSAC: Scottish Sub-Aqua Club
NAUI: National Association of Underwater Instructors
SSI: Scuba Schools International