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Dive Sites: St. Catherines - Loch Fyne

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St. Catherines Information

This dive site is on the east shore of Loch Fyne, directly across from Inveraray, and is suitable for all grades of diver from trainee upwards. Parking is easy and access to the water is straightforward. Current is not usually a problem, but the seabed is silty and easily disturbed.

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Take the A82 along Loch Lomond to Tarbet, then continue onto the A83 for 12.6 miles, passing through Arrochar and following it round the head of Loch Long and down the west shore, passing the Twin Piers and Conger Alley dive sites, before turning inland at Ardgartan campsite. Keep following the A83 until you come to the junction with the A815, where you will turn left. After about 5 miles on the A815 you will arrive at St Catherines, but keep on this road for another 1.6 miles or so, until you come to a junction with a minor road on your right. (There's usually a large green wheelie bin at the right hand side of the junction). Turn onto this narrow road and park carefully, so as not to obstruct other vehicles.

Dive Site Details and Photographs

  • Easy Dive Site Access:
    with steps to the pebble shore.
  • Entry Point:
    Looking across to Inveraray.
  • The Sunken Speedboat:
    Descend to c18m and contour left for a short distance.
  • The Submerged Cable:
    A haven for sponges, anemones and sea squirts etc.
  • Peacock Worm:
    Also to be found on the submerged cable.
  • Conger Eel:
    Lurking in one of the larger crevices of the boulder reef.
  • Goldsinny:
    Just one of the small fish species to be found in Loch Fyne.
  • Spiny Squat Lobster:
    Galathea strigosa - one of several species of squat lobster.
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The main area of interest is the boulder slope reef to be found a little way up the loch from around 10 to 35 metres depth, which provides shelter to numerous types of small marine life.

At around 20 metres, dividing the reef in two, there is a submerged telecommunications cable that has attracted other marine creatures, including sponges, sea squirts and peacock worms. This cable provides a convenient reference point during your dive, particularly if there is poor visibility. Similar cables (if not the same one) can be found at other shore-based sites in Loch Fyne.

Directly out from the shore and down the loch a little, on 300 to 310 degrees, at around 20 metres (depending upon the state of the tide), you may also encounter a sunken speedboat.

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